Great exhibition stands start with a great idea.

To create the most outstanding exhibition stand ideas, the brand marketer and exhibition stand designer must share a strong and clear sense of what they wish to achieve at the exhibition. 

At Generation Exhibitions we work closely with each client to ensure their exhibition stands conveys the right message to visitors. When planning exhibition stand ideas we start with the brand. 

Your exhibition stand should turn your brand values and attributes into an experience for your visitors. If your brand is known for trustworthiness and reliability, then your display stand should be getting this message across to your potential clients; if your brand is an innovative disruptor then your stand should offer a distinctive beak from other exhibitors on the show floor. 

Our team can ensure that your core values influence every aspect of the stand, from the welcome desk to the meeting room and the hospitality counter. 

To design a successful experience your exhibition stand ideas should consider a number of different elements:


What message does the stand communicate from the other side of the hall?  When first seen, from a distance, is it clearly your brand?  Is it attractive?  Is it clear?  Will the visitor want to come near?


Once the visitor has approached, what do they see?  Is your messaging easily understood?  Are your graphics strong and visible?  If you’re using audio-visual content is the message simple, clear and easy to consume?  If you are communicating something new about your company, is that new thing obvious and memorable?  


Do visitors know where to go to be welcomed onto the stand?  


Are you keeping your desired visitors on your stand?  Do you make it easy for them to find out more about you?  Will visitors want to stay?  Conversely, if you are looking for quick throughput of visitors, are you ensuring that he or she can get what they want from you quickly and move on?


What have you done to ensure that visitors remember you & in particular remember the message you are looking to communicate?  Did you entertain them in a certain way?  Did you offer hospitality?  Have they left with a giveaway of some kind? 

Let us turn your brand stand into a brand experience. Contact our team today to inquire about our exhibition stand design service.

But if this strong idea isn’t already in your mind, how do you go about forming it?

Exhibition Stand Design Ideas

Great exhibition stand design ideas come when you consider every aspect of the exhibition experience in light of your brand. Even if every single one of your competitors wrote a functionally identical stand brief to you, the visitor will differentiate you based on how you make them feel.

The best exhibition displays are those that take into account not only the functional aspects, but also create a memorable experience for the visitor. Here at Generation Exhibition we can help bring your exhibition stand ideas into reality. Get in touch with our team today to discuss your brief and find out how we can help you.

Creative Ideas for Exhibition Stands

Our experienced designers are full of creative ideas on how to shine a spotlight on your brand. We will work with you to define your brand presence, identify your objectives and deliver a brand experience like no other. 

Schedule a meeting with a member of our team today where we can discuss your brief in more detail. We will take care of your exhibition stand design from the rough sketch to the logistics of transporting and building your stand.

Clients we work with

“It is always a pleasure to work with you: you get the brand, you get me, you offer such brilliant advice & expertise, you never let me down, and you are constantly there to reassure me.”

—Charlotte Compagnoni, Senior Marketing Operations Manager, Kambi

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